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Just to add regarding the success of the first ranbat. It was very surprising that so many players set aside their egos to join the tourney (20 entrants is relatively high given the recent turnouts). It was fun and it seemed like people were easy going, which is quite rare these days in our 3s community. If this is any indication of the future, we can assume that Toronto's 3S scene is going to make a come back! Interest was dying for this game after some players retired and left. But if people, like anyone reading this entry just JOINS THE DAMN GAME, we should be back kicking American ass in no time. There's nothing to lose except maybe $10? Just don't pussy and join (this includes "I don't like tourneys"). Japanese and even the guys at FFA play for fun and hardly worry about losing. I don't know why anyone allows that to stop them from joining. If you don't join I'll probably end up bitching at you if I see you so may as well join to shut me up. Once again, thanks everyone for coming out and making it fun.

Practice hard everyone!

- Tommy Pang

Edit* Thanks Brandon for fixing up the site.

Thanks to all participants for joining. I had a great time and I hope all of you did too. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. After all, the tournaments can only improve if we receive feedback from the players. Currently, it's rather hard to get that! So let us know what you think. Like Tommy said, the 3S community in Toronto is far too respectable to go to waste, so let's put aside our differences and play the game we love! Not many places are as fortunate as we are; they don't have the level of skill that many of you guys have, nor arcades to play in. It would be a mistake to undervalue what we've got here.

The next ranbat is scheduled for the 9th of February. I look forward to seeing the returning players there, and hopefully some new faces as well.

Take care.

Hello. I live in Toronto and I would love to play street fighter in a tournament. I also have a small group of freinds that would also enjoy playing in a tournament. However, there are some problems.
1)Everywhere they are held is far. Mostly at pacific mall or whereever. I don't have a car and takes me a while to get there. and when I do get there...
2)Most people call me scrub and other such insults. I'm just trying to learn the game if I keep getting insulted I'm not gonna wanna learn. Maybe you guys could be a little more freindly to noobs?

how about it? I think if I'm given a chance I can be a large part of the Toronto Street fighter community.

Hi Justin. Thanks for your comment and sorry about responding so late, I guess I got used to people not leaving any comments.

Unfortunately the Toronto SF scene is very big, spanning across Sauga, Markham, Scarborough, downtown, etc. and it seems the only place we can get together that has all the games and generally working cabinets is Orbit (Pacific Mall's arcade). The other arcades aren't exactly fit for tournaments, and I don't know of any console centres either; although even if there was, most 3S people prefer the arcade version. If you want to avoid going there often to practice, you can get the game on console and a stick, and learn from reading strategy at shoryuken.com/forums, watching videos, and playing with friends. That forum I just mentioned is also a good source for updates and discussion about anything related to fighting games (assuming you haven't already joined).

About being called names, most people at Orbit are pretty quiet, it's unlikely that people will insult you, but even if they do it's nothing to worry about. If you see people whom are being friendly, feel free to ask them for help w/ learning the game. Usually you can tell who's willing to help.

Good luck.

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Season 1 Final Rankings

    1st - Chris Choi (55)
    2nd - AdamB (31)
    3rd - JS Master (28)
    4th - Burton (20)
    5th - Samir (18)
    6th - RX50Cent (15)
    7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
    8th - Jack (10)
    9th - Tek-Yun (8)
    9th - King (8)
    11th - C-Royd (7)
    11th - Phastestpig (7)
    13th - Don (5)