Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ranking Battle 1.5

Another ranbat over! Firstly I'd like to congratulate Mo on first tourney victory! You have truly shut me up, but I hope you learn a bit of humility in your victory. It seems like I'm not very needed in running the ranbats anymore so I'll let Mo and Brandon handle most of it (like they do now) and help out if its ever needed.

Now to something more serious. It seems like certain players have problems with one another outside of the game. Today it was nearing the peak of what I can tolerate. This is the last draw before something will be done for safety. This is not a threat but a necessary precaution, so Burt if you are reading this, I hope you understand because no matter what personal issues you have, you can't instigate shit in the arcade. It is pretty juvenile what you did. Next time I hope me or at least someone else can step in and stop the bullshit for good. If you have an issue with me that doesn't involve threats of violence I'll gladly talk.

I apologize for my writing tonight, I'm a bit drunk!

3S - 1.5 Results (23 entrants)
1st - Gaijinblaze (Ken) - 10 points
2nd - Burton (Ken/Twelve) - 7 points
3rd - Chris (Ibuki/Akuma) - 5 points
4th - Samir (Yun/Ken/Dudley) - 3 points
5th - Cruxay (Dudley)
5th - RX50Cent (Urien)
5th - JS Master (Chun)
5th - Boa (Chun)
9th - Adam B. - DQed
9th - C-Royd - DQed
9th - DarkDragon (Chun)
9th - Dice01 (Ken)
9th - Do-N (Alex/Yun)
9th - G3nn (Ken)
9th - Melvin (Ken)
9th - Phastestpig (Ken)
17th - Daniel (Makoto/Elena)
17th - DarkGiygas (Urien/Dudley)
17th - Eric RTSD (Akuma/Ken)
17th - Gerjay (Makoto)
17th - Hugo Anthony (Hugo)
17th - MythicExile (Ken/Chun)
17th - Nech Neb (Urien/Chun)

Videos are available HERE, or at the link on the right.


I read some of the posts on srk recently in the Toronto thread. I can finally understand why some people left the community and stopped joining tourneys.

I also want to let any readers know that I have personal feelings regarding this too but I'm holding back, as being objective for the ranbat and the 3s community is part of the goal of this blog.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ranbat 1.5 coming up!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I just want to post that ranbat is happening once again this Friday. The format will go back to the traditional 1v1 single elimination. New participants are welcomed as we're only half way through so please come! I will continue harassing those who think they're not good enough and the ones who are scared. I also want to extend thanks to Brandon and Mo for doing the ranbat and organizing this blog. Although they don't post much, they do as much, probably more work that me. I just yell at people.


Another note. Since T8 is coming I'd like to hear some suggestions as to how the teams should be organized, I'm probably not going to be here to organize anything but I'd like to get the ball rolling. Instead of letting "top" players decide, why not we give spots out to the top ranbat participants and maybe a tourney for the last few spots? Any suggestions?

Monday, March 12, 2007

New videos.

Ranbat 1.4 videos are now up, as well as videos of the remaining matches from 1.3.

You can find them HERE, or at the link on the right.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ranbat 1.3 continued, Ranbat 1.4.

3S - 1.3 Results (25 entrants) · View full bracket
1st - Samir (Ken/Yun) · 10 points
2nd - Adam B (Ken)
· 7 points
3rd - Chris (Akuma/Ibuki)
· 5 points
4th - JS Master (Chun)
· 3 points
5th - Gaijinblaze (Ken)
5th - AneurysmX (Dudley)
5th - Burton (Twelve/Ken/Urien)
5th - Tek-Yun (Yun)
9th - Cruxay (Dudley)
9th - DarkDragon (Chun)
9th - Don (Yun)
9th - Eric RTSD (Akuma/Ken)
9th - Hugo Anthony (Hugo)
9th - King (Chun)
9th - RX50Cent (Urien)
9th - Phastestpig (Ken)
17th - Boa (Chun)
17th - Carson (Makoto)
17th - Daniel (Elena)
17th - Dice01 (Ken)
17th - Eric Hai (Ryu)
17th - G3nn (Ken)
17th - Gerjay (Makoto)
17th - Kymah (Yun)
17th - Pat N. (Urien)

3S - 1.4 Results (9 teams) · View full bracket
1st - Chris (Akuma) / Burton (Q) · 10 points
2nd - C-Royd (Dudley) / Adam B (Ken)
· 7 points
3rd - Tek-Yun (Yun) / JS Master (Chun)
· 5 points
4th - King (Chun) / RX50Cent (Urien)
· 3 points
5th - Gaijinblaze (Ken) / AneurysmX (Dudley)
5th - Secret Weapon (Ken) / Hugo Anthony (Hugo)
5th - DarkDragon (Chun) / MythicExile (Ken)
5th - Phastestpig (Ken) / Nech Neb (Urien)
9th - Samir (Ken) / Gerjay (Makoto)

Is it the coincidence or does Gaijinblaze like to always me as low as possible and lately it seems, himself as high as possible? You're an idiot Mo.

Thanks everyone for joining the team ranbat. We had a pretty decent turnout with many exciting matches. Videos should be up by Sunday at the latest. We are scheduled for a regular 1v1 ranbat next tourney. Practice hard everyone.


edit* Mo I take the sarcasm back. You quoting me gave our page 200 hits today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Alright everyone. We're doing it again this Friday as a Team 2v2 Ranbat. But before we start this week's Ranbat we have to finish last weeks. So tentatively, the remaining matches from last tourney will be concluded at 7 PM on Friday. I will inform the remaining players to come. If any player is missing they will be disqualified.

Just to remind everyone. The remaining players are Chris, Gaijinblaze , Samir, Adam B, JS Master

As for people arriving on time, the same rule applies. Arrive at orbit by 7:30 PM to guarantee a spot, any later you might be left watching the tourney.


Also it would be nice if you left a comment with your team mates and your team name.

Season 1 Final Rankings

    1st - Chris Choi (55)
    2nd - AdamB (31)
    3rd - JS Master (28)
    4th - Burton (20)
    5th - Samir (18)
    6th - RX50Cent (15)
    7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
    8th - Jack (10)
    9th - Tek-Yun (8)
    9th - King (8)
    11th - C-Royd (7)
    11th - Phastestpig (7)
    13th - Don (5)