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Alright everyone. We're doing it again this Friday as a Team 2v2 Ranbat. But before we start this week's Ranbat we have to finish last weeks. So tentatively, the remaining matches from last tourney will be concluded at 7 PM on Friday. I will inform the remaining players to come. If any player is missing they will be disqualified.

Just to remind everyone. The remaining players are Chris, Gaijinblaze , Samir, Adam B, JS Master

As for people arriving on time, the same rule applies. Arrive at orbit by 7:30 PM to guarantee a spot, any later you might be left watching the tourney.


Also it would be nice if you left a comment with your team mates and your team name.

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Can anyone join this?

Yes, anyone can join, but for tonight's you'll need a partner. There will probably be people there without partners if it comes to that. Preferably all new entrants should be there and get registered BEFORE 7:10.

For general rules read this thread:


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Season 1 Final Rankings

    1st - Chris Choi (55)
    2nd - AdamB (31)
    3rd - JS Master (28)
    4th - Burton (20)
    5th - Samir (18)
    6th - RX50Cent (15)
    7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
    8th - Jack (10)
    9th - Tek-Yun (8)
    9th - King (8)
    11th - C-Royd (7)
    11th - Phastestpig (7)
    13th - Don (5)