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Turnout was great! Although I was only there for a little bit I can tell this ranbat thing is here to stay, even though some people need to grow the fuck up. Otherwise see everyone next week! Videos of top 4 are below. For the next ranbat all matches will be recorded and we'll just make a video with highlights of the ranbat.


Finals - Chris (Akuma) vs Louie (Urien) Part 1
Finals - Chris (Akuma) vs Louie (Urien) Part 2

Semi-Finals - Chris (Akuma/Ibuki) vs Samir (Yun/Ken)


All ranbat participants please take note that we will run a team (teams of two) ranbat after the next one. The teams will be randomly drawn so all the 'top' players won't group and ruin our fun. Of course this isn't the best way to solve unfair teams but I think this is the best way to ensure only a few people bitch at me instead the whole crowd.

Season 1 Final Rankings

    1st - Chris Choi (55)
    2nd - AdamB (31)
    3rd - JS Master (28)
    4th - Burton (20)
    5th - Samir (18)
    6th - RX50Cent (15)
    7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
    8th - Jack (10)
    9th - Tek-Yun (8)
    9th - King (8)
    11th - C-Royd (7)
    11th - Phastestpig (7)
    13th - Don (5)