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Just a reminder to everyone that Ranbat is happening again this Friday. As a step towards a better and more organized tourney, the tourney's goal this week is to start at 7:30, no later. People who arrive late may get a spot but there is no guarantee so please plan your Friday night accordingly. And another note, if any player has an issue with the ranbat or another player (including me) please address it without being disruptive to other players (this includes shoving like elementary kids) especially if you're looking to stay around until the end of the season. Let's make sure the ranbat is a fun tourney where everyone can get better or just dick around.

See everyone this Friday at 7:00 (Registration closing at 7:30)

One more thing, I want to confirm to everyone that you can indeed change characters.

Just make sure people yell at you and not me when somebody switches characters. =/

Good luck to everyone who shows up. Like always, bring your best skills.

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Season 1 Final Rankings

    1st - Chris Choi (55)
    2nd - AdamB (31)
    3rd - JS Master (28)
    4th - Burton (20)
    5th - Samir (18)
    6th - RX50Cent (15)
    7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
    8th - Jack (10)
    9th - Tek-Yun (8)
    9th - King (8)
    11th - C-Royd (7)
    11th - Phastestpig (7)
    13th - Don (5)